Printing with React


Checking the media type with JavaScript

A hot topic in the React community lately is the use of inline CSS. A consequence of this style is that you have to do some heavy lifting yourself. I've written previously about how this applies to CSS hovering, and now I'll tell you how to handle media queries.

I came across this when styling a React component for print. I found a library, Radium, that has support for inline media queries but it felt very intrusive.

The solution is pretty simple, there is no need for a large library. Just use the matchMedia API, it is supported by the majority of browsers.

For fun I created a React mixin, but you could also just put this in your component's componentWillMount function if you don't need a mixin.

const PrintMixin = {
  // Invoked once before the initial rendering occurs
  componentWillMount: function() {
    this.state = this.state || {};
    this.state.isPrinting = false;

    // Run a media query through the matchMedia API
    const query = window.matchMedia('print')
    const queryListener = function(m) {
      this.setState({isPrinting: m.matches});


To render different content depending on if you are printing or not, then simply apply the PrintMixin and it will add this.state.isPrinting to your component.

const MyComponent = React.createClass({
  // Adds this.state.isPrinting
  mixins: [PrintMixin],

  render: function() {
    return  <div>{(this.state.isPrinting) ? "Printing" : "Screening"}</div>;

ReactDOM.render(<Panel/>, document.getElementById("main"))

You can find the example code on github, hopefully this will help someone who tries to print with inline CSS in React.