IntelliJ - a nerd crush


Save time by learning shortcuts

I've been a huge IntelliJ fan ever since I started programming Java and I've spent a lot of effort learning the tool. I thought I'd share some of my favourite features; perhaps you will find them useful too.


Have you ever gotten lost in a codebase? Once a project gets to a certain size, being able to navigate effectively around is vital. IntelliJ makes this a breeze.

If you know the name of a class or file, you can easily find them with the following shortcuts:

If you only remember a fragment from the file, such as a method name or a variable, you can use that information too:

If that fails, the search for text function is always handy. The speed with which IntelliJ finds text fragments across large numbers of files never seizes to amaze me.

Usually, the number of files that is changed at a time are relatively few. IntelliJ lets you search through your recently changed files.

There is also the possibility of backtracking your navigation stack.

I saved my favourite navigation feature for last. Usually I move back and forth between several files in order to understand the context. However, sometimes I fail to remember where I was before I started moving around. Most of the time I want to go to where I changed something last.